Raise Your Voice: Top Clubhouse Clubs for Founders in the Remote Landscape

In the evolving digital world, Clubhouse has emerged as a unique platform for live audio conversations. As a founder, particularly in the remote and distributed work landscape, it offers an invaluable opportunity to network, share ideas, learn from others, and raise your voice. In this blog post, we explore some of the top Clubhouse clubs that every founder should consider joining.

1. Startup Club

Startup Club is one of the largest clubs on Clubhouse with thousands of members from all over the world. They host regular rooms discussing startup fundamentals, challenges, and experiences. It’s a fantastic place for founders to network and gain diverse perspectives.

2. The Founder’s Club

The Founder’s Club focuses on deep, thoughtful discussions around entrepreneurship. It’s a great place for founders looking to dive deeper into specific aspects of running a business, from managing remote teams to developing growth strategies.

3. SaaS Club

As the name suggests, SaaS Club is dedicated to software as a service (SaaS) founders. It provides an opportunity to connect with fellow SaaS entrepreneurs, discuss industry trends, and share advice specific to this business model.

4. VC Brunch

VC Brunch offers founders the chance to connect with venture capitalists and angel investors. The discussions often revolve around fundraising, pitching, and investment trends. This is a must-join club for founders seeking funding or understanding the investment landscape.

5. The Remote Work Club

Focused specifically on remote work, The Remote Work Club provides founders a platform to discuss the challenges and advantages of running a remote team, share best practices, and learn about the latest remote work tools and strategies.

6. Future of Work

Future of Work delves into the evolving trends and technologies shaping the world of work. As a founder, staying ahead of these trends is crucial, and this club provides an excellent forum to do so.

7. Women Founders Club

The Women Founders Club is a supportive and inspiring community for female entrepreneurs. It’s a space to discuss the unique challenges faced by women founders and to empower each other in overcoming them.

8. Founders of Color

Founders of Color provides a platform for discussing the unique experiences, challenges, and opportunities of founders from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. It’s a space for sharing, learning, and amplifying diverse voices in the entrepreneurial world.

Joining these Clubhouse clubs can be a game-changer for founders, offering not just a wealth of information but also a community of like-minded individuals navigating similar journeys. As we continue to traverse the shifting landscapes of remote and distributed work, such platforms will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of entrepreneurship.

Here at Complish, we are dedicated to supporting founders and their teams in mastering the art of remote work. Keep tuned to our blog for more insights, resources, and tips tailored for the modern founder.

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