Winning at Remote: The Art of Remote Sales and Embracing Travel Perks – An Interview

Today, we’re delving into the realm of remote sales, a challenging yet rewarding landscape that’s grown rapidly with the shift to remote work. We interviewed Jane Robertson, a seasoned remote sales expert, to discuss her journey, strategies for success, and how she embraces travel as a remote work perk.

Q: Can you share your experience transitioning to remote sales?

Jane: The shift was quite a challenge initially. Sales traditionally relies heavily on face-to-face interactions, so losing that aspect was tough. But, remote sales also opened up new avenues of connection and strategies that I hadn’t considered before.

Q: What strategies have you found effective for remote sales?

Jane: Building genuine relationships is key, even more so in remote sales. You need to connect on a human level, understanding your client’s needs and pain points. Also, utilizing digital tools effectively – like video conferencing, email automation, and CRM systems – is critical to manage and nurture leads effectively.

Q: How have you leveraged the ‘travel perk’ of remote work?

Jane: Travel has been one of the best parts of remote work. I’ve had the opportunity to work from different locations, experiencing new cultures and landscapes. It’s provided a great work-life balance and has even opened up networking opportunities.

Q: How do you manage work and travel effectively?

Jane: It’s all about planning. I make sure I have reliable internet connectivity and a quiet space to work from, wherever I am. Scheduling my tasks according to the time zone I’m in is crucial too. It’s not always easy, but it’s certainly worth it.

Q: Any advice for those new to remote sales?

Jane: Embrace the change. Learn to use the digital tools at your disposal. Focus on building authentic relationships. And remember, working remotely means you’re not confined to a location. Use this opportunity to explore, to change your environment, and keep your work experience refreshing.

Jane’s story underlines the potential and possibilities in remote sales. The key takeaway is to see the transition as an opportunity rather than a challenge. As we continue to navigate the remote work landscape, success lies in adapting, evolving, and embracing the perks that come with it.

Here at Complish, we are committed to exploring the nuances of remote work and providing insights and strategies to help you thrive in this new landscape. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and actionable advice.

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