Run a successful remote team

High-performing remote teams don’t spend their days on video calls. Complish makes it easy to build good remote habits by making work visible, connected to objectives and promoting focused discussions.

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Cancel your status meetings

Share progress and keep your team in sync without interruptions.

Team check-ins

Create great habits to keep your team in sync no matter where they work. See what everyone is working on, who’s blocked and how your team is feeling with asynchronous check-ins.

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Complish follows-up on the tasks you aimed to complete in your previous check-in; creating accountability and helping keep everyone focused on what’s most important.

A more connected & aligned team

Quickly see what your teammates are working on and how they’re doing today without interrupting them; or break down silos by jumping into any team to see what’s going on.

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Focus on what matters

Use Complish to manage team goals, OKRs or projects, make them visible every day and connect them to the daily tasks of everyone in the team.


Coming soon

Better meetings for the remote-first world. Make your meetings transparent, accountable or avoid them completely with asynchronous discussions.

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Do we really need another collaboration tool?

You probably already have your attention pulled into many tools, like your calendar, project management tools, docs, Slack and Zoom. Each of these do a great job solving the problems they were built for; like capturing long list of tasks and projects and real-time chat and video. They can also be overwhelming and distracting, making it difficult to focus on getting work done.

Complish is an asynchronous collaboration tool that frees up time for focused work. It's a central place to plan and communicate your work (even if it happens in other tools), to see what's going on across your team, and make meetings transparent or eliminate them completely - all alongside the context of larger team objectives.

It works alongside the tools your team already use, helping keep everyone on the same page, asynchronously, so you can spend less time in status/alignment meetings and focus on what's most important.

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Connect the tools you already use

Control the chaos of your team working in different tools and see what your team is working on in one place. Automatically push team updates and progress to Slack or MS teams.

Build the habits of a high-performing team

The most effective and productive teams:

Connected teams

Aligned & connected to the bigger picture

Put team and individual goals front and center, and make sure everyone in your team understands how their daily work connects to the bigger picture.


Break down communication and knowledge silos

Move knowledge out of meetings and silo’ed tools, and create visibility and alignment across teams and departments.

Meetings notes

Have a culture of documentation, collaboration & transparency

Spend less time in meetings and be more purposeful about how work time is spent. Make work visible & document decisions.

“Complish helps our team focus on what's important and keeps everyone accountable without feeling like they're "managed". We can see what everyone's working on, who needs help and our meetings are now much more efficient given that we can already see what's been going on.”

Heath Jamieson, Chief Operating Officer

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