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Top 10 Slack Communities for People in HR & Recruiting

We all know about the importance of communication and collaboration. With changing trends in the way we are working towards a more remote-oriented workplace, staying virtually connected is a core vital for your business. Slack is amongst the most popular go-to medium for team communication. According to data provided on Slack’s website, the product has users in more than 150 countries worldwide.

Whether the company you work for use Slack or not, you can still use the tool to connect and  share experiences with like-minded people in your field.

Surely, you are a busy People Ops professional who does not have the time to spend hours searching for relevant Slack groups in the HR/recruiting field. That’s why we decided to do the hard work for you.

Here are some of my favourites Slack communities for HR professionals and recruiters.

While some of these communities are invite-only and require you to show some experience in the People Ops space, others are public to everyone and perfect for people who are interested in becoming a professional People expert. 🙃

5 Slack Communities to join if you are an experienced HR professional or recruiter:

  1. DBR - This is a global slack community for in-house recruiters to share their best practices and experiences.
  2. Secret HR Society - This is an invite-only Slack community aimed at people who work in the People Ops space. It originates in Germany, however is English friendly. 🙂👉 One thing though: You will have to show 5+ years of People Ops experience to join this network.
  3. Resources for Humans - Resources for Humans is a community of forward thinking People Ops leaders looking to advance their craft and network with other professionals.
  4. Recruitment Slackers - An invite-only Slack community for in-house recruiters for sharing news / content / techniques. Based in the Netherlands - English-speaking friendly.
  5. Boolean Strings - A >5000 member Slack community featuring regular updates on specific sourcing techniques, especially on advanced usage of boolean operators. Also: Has excellent updates on little known features on LinkedIn

5 open Slack Communities to join if you are interested in HR topics:

  1. People Geeks - A great community if you are passionate about people and want to network with other people geeks. People Geeks can work in People Ops, Recruitment, HR, or as CEOs at fast-growing companies. It’s not about the title, it’s about the spirit.
  2. techrecruiter - Techrecruiter is a community for passionate technical recruiters helping each other by sharing knowledge, new sourcing techniques and posting available job positions.
  3. #PeoplePeople- A community space for HR, Recruitment and Talent professionals to talk about humans-at-work issues and share smart ideas about the ever-changing talent landscape.
  4. HRtoHR - HR toHR  - as it's name suggests - is a place where fellow HR professionals talk about best practices, everyday challenges, new tools, general jibber-jabber and rants about things that matter from one HR to another.
  5. **Org Designer - This Slack group is for improving teams and the workplace. Leaders, People Geeks/People Ops, HR, and anyone interested in improving the way we work is welcome to join.

No worries. There is more! 👏 Check out our curated **Ultimate list of Professional Online Communities** for more communities - including Facebook & Linkedin groups.

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