Plan your day, focus on what matters & stay in-sync with your teammates.


Make your work visible

Let your team mates know what you are working on and stay in sync when working remote.

Accountability for everyone in your Team

Making your daily task goals public along with a progress update, automatically builds accountability into your team.

Build/Maintain Trust

Managers and team leaders set the objectives, but Complish allows everyone the freedom to set their own task goals for the day, rather
than leaving employees feeling micromanaged.

Stop wondering how your teammates are feeling

Complish collects the daily mood of every member of your team so you can follow up with anyone who might be struggling.

Celebrate achievements even when working remote

Remote work can leave people feeling that their work goes un-noticed. Complish makes everyone's work visible, to be celebrated with comments or reactions.

"We now use Complish instead of Zoom+Trello to run our
daily standups. The team love it!"

Heath Jamieson
Head of Venture Development at Antler


Like simple OKR's, align your team's daily work with higher level objectives.

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Integrate Complish check-ins and goals in your favourite tools - like Slack and MS Teams.

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Learn from and share knowledge with a community of remote leaders.

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