Lightweight goal setting for teams

OKR's Shouldn't Be So Complicated

Ditch the spreadsheet. Use Complish to create objectives, make them visible every day and connect them to the daily tasks of everyone in the team.

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Make your
objectives visible

Goals linked to
projects and tasks

Assign owners
and teams

Foster transparency and accountability

Empower Autonomous Teams

Enable teams to set and communicate their own
goals, aligned to larger objectives.

Individual and team check-ins

Check-ins that connect the daily of everyone in your team, to your company's most important priorities.

OKR's linked to your existing tools

Get your objectives out of a spreadsheet, and connect your teams daily tasks to your team's most important goals.

Goal visibility in Slack or MS Teams

Progress updates and reminders on your team's goals, in email, Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Goals and Subgoals

Create multiple levels of subgoals to connect KR's or projects to objectives.

Measurable outcomes

Add and update metrics to define outcomes and measure progress.

Assign owners

Assign an owner or get multiple teams contributing your OKR's.

Track contributors

Complish automatically tracks the contributors that drive your goals.

Goal tags

Easily tag a goal in a task item to associate work with an objective.

Status updates

Know when your goals are on track or falling behind.

The simplest way to create goals for any framework

Whether you run OKR's, SMART goals, WIGs or any other goal setting framework, Complish framework-agnostic and the easiest way to get started. Start simple, add complexity as you go  - you can use Complish to track a goal or project of any size.

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