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The HR team is more or less like the caregivers and peacekeepers of a company. They take care of everyone, making sure pay is on time, spirits are high, and professional growth is on track. And when there are conflicts, they become mediators. For all of the above reasons, the HR team plays a crucial and indispensable role in any organization. To maintain a well-aligned HR Team, it's vital to hold regular HR team meetings so that important issues can be discussed and any company conflicts can be resolved quickly.

HR Team Meetings vary in frequency; however, it's best to have them weekly, even if it's just for a quick check-in. These check-ins are best done asynchronously so that HR team members can share their updates and discuss HR team meeting agenda items in their own time.

Tips on How to Run an Effective HR Team Meetings

Running an effective HR Team meeting doesn't have to be complicated, nor stressful. Of course, some sessions are more challenging than others, but applying these best practices can be of great help.

  • Share documents or reports before the meeting.
  • Prepare the agenda ahead of time.
  • Prioritize the most critical topics.
  • Determine which discussions can be done asynchronously.

What's Inside an HR Team Meeting Template

With dozens of things that the HR team takes care of, which topics should be covered? How do you prioritize them? That's precisely where this template becomes extremely helpful.

HR Team Members Status Updates

It's always good to start with a win. Is there anything worth celebrating in this meeting? This is a great way to set the mood. Give everyone the chance to share something, whether it be a win, an update on something they've recently learned, or anything else.

What should be discussed in an HR meeting?

What goes in an HR meeting agenda and which topics for hr team meetings should be covered? In general, most meetings will have the same structure, focusing on recruitment news, payroll/benefits, and training. Feel free to use these points as it is or remove or add any, as you feel necessary.

  • New Policies & Compliance Checks - Are there new policies that have been implemented? Has this been communicated to everyone in the company? Incident reports can be discussed here as well, especially if it's critical and urgent.
  • Recruitment Update - List new hires. Identify staffing challenges. Celebrate any recruitment wins, too!
  • Payroll & Benefits - It’s probably the most critical topic for the HR team, as salary is the bread and butter for all employees. Any delays or issues about payroll or benefits should be a priority in the meeting.
  • Upcoming Training - Is there an upcoming training or team building? Which preparation is required? No upcoming training? This is the best time to plan the next one.

Aligning Goals & Objectives

Mention key metrics, such as talent acquisition and retention. Are you on track in hitting your goals? Are they aligned with the company’s overall goals?


Recap the discussion and remind everyone about the most pressing issues. Then, turn them into action items with owners and deadlines.

The more meetings you have, the more you'll know the best way to organize and structure your meeting. Using Complish helps your team run better meetings, whether you're a distributed or fully remote team. Make sure to check out our other templates for HR teams. 👇