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A project proposal meeting is one of the most important meetings you'll ever have, whether you're a full-time employee or an entrepreneur. When your proposal gets accepted, it opens up tremendous opportunities in your career and personal growth. The key behind a successful meeting is to write the best project proposal that covers everything to make the potential client or your boss say yes.

How to Write a Project Proposal

Start with the problem.

What's the main problem you're trying to solve? For example, if you were hired to write copy for a landing page, what was the initial problem that prompted the client to reach out to you? Did the company undergo branding changes that rendered their current copy irrelevant? Or are they trying to increase the bookings on their page by changing the copy?

Present your solution.

This is the heart of your proposal, and if you do this right, it's much easier to get your project approved. Try to start with the general overview first. If you're writing a copy, what are the crucial steps that you need to do from your side to complete the project successfully? Remember to keep it simple. If your boss or client is overwhelmed with information, it would be much harder for them to connect the problem and the solution.

List all the execution processes and deliverables.

In the previous section, your goal is to provide a holistic approach to the solution. Now, you can break it down further. How many phases does the project require? What exactly should the client expect from each phase? If the first phase is pure research, what would you submit as a deliverable?

Identify success criteria.

There are many ways to identify the success of your project. In most cases, success is basically measured if you have submitted all the deliverables on time. However, if it's a more complex project that involves data, what would be considered a success? Is it the number of leads generated per month? Remember to set realistic expectations and focus on criteria that you can control.

Define the timeline and budget.

Break down the phases of the project, the timeline for each phase, and the budget. How much is the project going to cost? It's also ideal for breaking down the cost by stage.

Show the vision.

This is usually not necessary, but adding this is going the extra mile. If you're working on a copy for the website, create a mockup with a few taglines. This shows you're serious, and you did your research.

What's Included in This Project Proposal Meeting Template

When you nail writing your project proposal, you'll be more confident in the meeting. Regardless of which project you're working on, you can use this template to structure your session.


Remind everyone in the meeting what prompted the proposal and the discussion. Try to be brief and focus on the most critical details.


Talk about the goals and how you will help achieve them. Since you already wrote your proposal, you can paste the bullet points here.

Project Details

Here, you can talk about the budget and criteria for completion or success.


One of the critical signs that you're a professional is acknowledging the potential risks of the project. This is the best time to discuss what they are and how you can help mitigate them.

Unresolved Question

Even if you wrote the perfect proposal, there's still a lot of room for questions. Encourage everyone to ask things that may seem unclear. This can also be done asynchronously by collecting everyone's questions ahead of time.

Who's Involved

Who will be the primary contact for the project? And who will be providing feedback and making the final decisions?


End the meeting with the timeline. How much time does everyone need to make a final decision to kick off the project? And is the current timeline for the proposal good enough, or do you need to adjust it?

Once your project proposal is approved, the next meeting you should prepare for is the project kickoff meeting. We've also created a template for that here. Using Complish helps you stay focused and organized for critical meetings like a project proposal.