Keep your people connected

Create focus, transparency and accountability for your team, even when everyone's remote

People Teams

Keep your team on track without micromanagement

With Check-ins, know who’s working on what, who needs help, and how they’re feeling, no matter where your team is working. No more chasing progress updates or wasting time in unproductive status meetings.

Fewer, higher quality meetings

Because daily Check-ins keep everyone in the know, you’ll need fewer meetings. You’ll have more time to discuss important topics and more time for actual work.

Spot problems sooner

Track the mood of your team with each daily check-in or see when anyone is blocked. Complish allows you to see any issues as they arise without the constant check-in meetings.

Improve your 1-1 meetings

Complish gives you an easy log of what everyone has been working on, so you can discuss what's really important instead of recapping the work that's been done. Complish also highlights when work is connected to, or disconnected from your team/company objectives.

"Everyone hated the daily check-in calls. We were just going through the motions, and there was no accountability. Complish is a super lightweight way to keep our team on track with our OKR's and accountable to be productive each day. "

Head of People,

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