Build the habits of a successful remote team

Remote and distributed work requires a new set of practices and processes. Complish helps teams emulate the practices of great remote-first companies.

Aligned and connected

Put team and individual goals front and center, and make sure everyone in your team understands how their daily work connects to the bigger picture.

Transparency and documentation

Foster transparency across your team with check-ins that help everyone focus. Run fewer meetings with asynchronous communication.

Break down silos

See what each team is focused on and get a birds-eye view of who is doing what - even when your team works across different tools.

More Accountability

Less micromanagement, more transparency. Complish makes it easy for everyone to plan their day with one eye on the team's objectives - and follows up later to check on progress.

Fewer meetings

With meeting outcomes, goal updates and work-in-progress; all visible in Complish to pushed to Slack or teams - everyone can stay aligned while spending less time in meetings.

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